Returning Lost Profits to Your Bottom Line

Recovery Audit

Large enterprise AP operations manage high volumes of transactions and payments to thousands of suppliers across multiple ERP systems. Complex pricing agreements, inconsistent processes and inefficient internal controls further amplify the risk of profit leakage along every point of the procure-to-pay (P2P) cycle.

It's for good reason that the P2P process generates more scrutiny and managerial concern than virtually any other business process. While 100% payment accuracy is simply not achievable, CPRS has a proven strategy that will optimize your profit recoveries and mitigate future losses in your P2P function.

Our recovery audit and advisory services are driven by experienced forensic auditors who understand the complexities of your business and industry. Aided by our sophisticated CPRS Core™ software technology, they dissect your P2P data and documentation to discover the overpayments and under-deductions you are owed as well as the root cause of such errors. Years of honed “audit instinct” remain at the helm of our forensic audit approach as our audit team combs through the many areas, such as contract compliance, that remain outside of the bounds of a purely data driven approach. With this valuable insight and duality in approach, CPRS is able to effectively partner with you to suggest tailored preventative measures that make sense for your company.

CPRS brings a customized approach to P2P recovery audits. Based on your organization's unique processes and scope of operations, we can tailor our audit services and analysis to provide the data review and profit recovery strategies that best suit your needs.

Click to view typical categories reviewed in a CPRS P2P audit.

  • Invoice overcharges
  • Returns
  • Unauthorized charges
  • Price protection
  • Sales tax errors
  • Shortages/overages
  • Excessive defectives
  • Off-invoice
  • Bill-back
  • Quantity allowances
  • Warehouse allowances
  • Early buy allowances
  • EDI allowance
  • Slotting
  • Volume rebates
  • New Store allowances
  • Incorrect vendor
  • Incorrect invoice number
  • Multiple vendor numbers
  • Original and copy
  • Vendor double-billed
  • Duplicate approval
  • Check request and invoice
  • System override
  • Unrecognized credit memos
  • Incorrect rate
  • Not deducted
  • Return goods
  • Discount on credit memo
  • Anticipation
  • Trade
  • Cash
  • On gross
  • Prompt pay discount
  • Use of Funds
  • Routing violations
  • Returns
  • Failure to consolidate
  • Unauthorized handling and insurance
  • Backorders
  • Inflated UPS charges
  • Freight should be prepaid
  • Prepaid sent collect
  • Early or late shipments
  • Incremental growth
  • Backorder penalty
  • Marking and pack list

quote-topOur goal is to be a low maintenance, long-term partner. We are proud of our reputation in the industry for coupling a quiet, professional profile with the ability to consistently generate substantial recoveries for our clients.

—Diana Curren, CPRS Owner


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