Returning Lost Profits to Your Bottom Line

Indirect Tax Services

The fast paced and ever changing tax environment may be leaving your company vulnerable to risk. Staying abreast of changes in the tax code and structure among the 50 states, Canada and other jurisdictions is a formidable task. As a result, even the best tax departments often miss opportunities to reduce tax liability.

CPRS can help. Over the last 25 years, the CPRS tax department has identified and recovered millions of dollars in overpaid taxes for our clients. We've also provided impressive savings for our clients through the implementation of our tax minimization strategies.

As with all of our services, we start with our valuable human capital. The CPRS tax department has broad tax experience working in state departments of revenue and premier accounting firms. A forensic-based audit methodology in conjunction with our customized CPRS Core™ data mining analytics is utilized to review your state and local excise tax reporting. Working seamlessly with your tax professionals, we at CPRS apply our deep understanding of state and local excise tax codes to find and recover overpaid taxes as well as missed opportunities for additional tax savings which return lost profits to your bottom line.

CPRS will act as your liaison with your suppliers and with the department of revenue. We are well versed in handling audit defense, letter ruling, settlement negotiations and other tax work to ensure that your overpayments are secured.

We are comprehensive in our review; CPRS will adjust local taxes (i.e. City of Seattle, City of Bellevue, etc.) as well as multi state sales and use taxes where applicable. As a byproduct of our tax review, CPRS will garner key insights that will lower your current and future tax liabilities.

A CPRS tax review is tailored to the unique facts and circumstances of your specific business and industry. Our menu of services includes:

Retail sales and use tax is a function of how individual states tax products or services purchased by the consumer. There is a trend to determine tax liability based on where the products and services are ultimately used. Areas of overpayment often include:
  • Computer/software purchases (multiple points of use)
  • Direct mail
  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment exemptions
  • Oversight of deductions, exemptions, credits and incentives
Washington state's B&O tax is a function of gross receipts and is known as one of the most complex tax structures in the U.S. Specific deductions, involving complex apportionment rules, are often overlooked because of their specialized nature. Further discovery can be derived from a close review of the multitude of tax incentives and unique deductions as a function of actual business activity. Areas of overpayment often include:
  • Apportionment (single factor receipts)
  • Incorrect tax classification
  • Oversight of deductions, exemptions, credits and incentives
Due to lean business environments, we understand that companies may not be able to attend to every project on their plate. CPRS has the expertise to tackle these tax projects for you with minimal disruption to your organization.
How much is your company overpaying in taxes? What is that costing your bottom line? Get the answers with a CPRS sales and use tax audit or one of our other customizable reviews.

quote-topCPRS tax directors are masters at SAUT. I have been doing audit for 9 years now and I have never seen results like what CPRS gets. Iím just in awe of their talent. Our tax group loves them too.

—Audit Manager, Seattle-based Fortune 500 Company


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