Returning Lost Profits to Your Bottom Line

Customized Profit Recovery Solutions

100% payment accuracy is not achievable, even for the best of companies—including yours. 

Every day large companies are overpaying their suppliers or vendors, as well as their taxes. Duplicate payments, pricing errors, misapplied discounts, contract compliance errors and other mistakes can add up significantly as they compound over time for any retail or commercial business.

While these dollars are out the door, they don't have to be lost forever. CPRS has a customized recovery solution that will identify and return more of your lost profits to your bottom line while delivering actionable insights to stop profit leakage. Since 1989, our comprehensive audit services have been helping Fortune 500 companies and those rising to the top of their industries optimize their recoveries and improve their overall performance.

Benefit from Our Proven Expertise

What can CPRS do for you? Our proven approach to recovery auditing delivers value-added benefits to those we serve. Partnering with us will help your company:

Recoveries provide immediate enhancements to your company's cash flow and bottom line. This will definitely get upper management's attention! By playing a role in enhancing your company's profitability, you will transform the accounting department's perception from being "mere overhead" to an actual contributor to revenue.
CPRS will partner with you to identify best fit measures to stem future losses. We begin by analyzing your recovery data to understand where and how profit leakage occurred. We'll also help you build an infrastructure that facilitates honest buy in from your staff and supplier community. This will increase internal recoveries and efficiencies.
What we learn from analyzing recoveries and mapping your AP systems and procedures allows us to provide recommendations for process improvements. These usually take the form of tightened operations, streamlined internal procedures and eliminated weakness in controls. Collectively, these preventative measures serve to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.
Overpayments and under-deductions are often the result of disconnects between departments. By analyzing the underlying root cause of errors, CPRS can help your company understand what form of interdepartmental communication improvements might be beneficial.
Your company will gain unique insight through the course of our forensic review. Regional spend comparisons and industry benchmarking help us pinpoint areas where your company can strengthen its negotiation position with your supplier community. Our spend analytics also aid in forecasting and budget development.
Because we provide immediate notification as systemic errors are found, solutions can be crafted and implemented before the error becomes more costly by compounding throughout your system.