Returning Lost Profits to Your Bottom Line

Talent Enhanced by Technology

Part art. Part science. Our approach to profit recovery combines the best forensic auditors and business analytics in the industry.

Together, our talented people enhanced by CPRS Core™ technology tools will give your company the edge in reclaiming lost profits and strengthening your financial performance.

The Value of Our Approach

Applying their broad retail and commercial experience, CPRS auditors take the time to understand your company’s internal dynamics. We engage with key stakeholders in accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement and information technology to map out your systems and procedures as they relate to your P2P transaction life cycle. From this vantage point, we customize algorithms and create a refined and informed audit approach that will ultimately save time and enhance recoveries.

While CPRS Core™ technology tools readily capture data-driven recoveries such as duplicate payments, it is our hands-on review of areas impervious to pure data mining that sets us apart. Our forensic auditors not only analyze transactional data, they scrutinize contractual agreements to understand the structure and intent of a deal to recover more of what you are owed. By digging deeper, we are able to identify and resolve pricing errors, duplicate payments, misapplied discounts and allowances, compliance errors and other disconnects that are sidelining your profits.

The information and insights we glean from our audits result in millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients annually. In addition, the targeted recommendations CPRS offers to stem profit leakage and enhance profitability provide lasting value to the companies we serve.

It's all part of the CPRS Edge that sets us apart in the marketplace and keeps our clients coming back to us year after year.

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quote-top CPRS continues to deliver great results—audit after audit. The findings are presented in a well-prepared and complete package, therefore, taking minimal time for our staff to approve. The auditor has established a great reputation within our Finance team and even serves as a resource when he’s on-site.

—Desiree Clayton, Accounts Payable Director, Nordstrom